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Evil on the High Seas

For fans of Agatha Christie. . . you’ll love this classic, contemporary ‘who-dunnit’!


A Diana Daniels Mystery


Murder, Mystery and Dry Martinis

There’s evil on board the luxury expedition ship, the Silver Galapagos, but no one suspects it.

Except for Diana Daniels, a successful management consultant whose rare insight into human behaviour and highly developed intuition tell her that not all the passengers are seeking a carefree holiday. Though still struggling with the recent loss of her husband and honouring his request to scatter his ashes in the Galapagos Islands, she becomes intrigued by a mysterious woman in white who arrives at the port of departure.

After discovering that the woman in white is Celeste Constanzo, widow of deceased Mafia boss, Joe Constanzo, Diana is warned away from the notorious crime family by fellow traveller Detective John Nash. But because of their shared widowhood, Diana finds herself inexorably drawn to helping Celeste when the mysterious stranger confides her fear of being murdered by her three adult stepchildren.

When Celeste, along with five-million-dollars-worth of jewellery disappear after the Captain’s cocktail party, Diana is certain that her suspicions have been realized. With Detective Nash’s reluctant assistance, she embarks on her own journey to solve what she’s sure is the murder of the woman in white.

But without a body, her theory is impossible to prove. With multiple suspects and only a couple of days until debarkation, will Diana find the jewellery, the body, the author of the anonymous letters, and the murderer who’s still on board?

With no other choice but to step up and forge a new single life for herself, Diana employs her exceptional skills and gritty determination to solve the mystery of evil on the high seas.

Praise for Evil on the High Seas

Amazon 5 Stars

“Jewels. Murder. Revenge. Cremains. And a little personality typing thrown in for good measure. Stirred—not shaken—these ingredients create a delicious mystery—EVIL ON THE HIGH SEAS by Diane Demetre. I highly recommend this book!”

Amazon 5 Stars

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It has everything a great murder mystery should have and so much more. Idyllic setting with fabulous characters, plots, twists and unexpected developments. While this is a murder mystery, the author, Diane Demetre, explores more topics such as greed, loss, grief, hope and courage. This book has so much to offer. I found myself being transported to the Galapagos islands where Diana Daniels explores all that nature has to offer. I’ve never been there but now it is on my bucket list. On board the ship (which sounds amazing), I wanted to dine with characters and sip champagne and a few martinis! I even shed a tear as Diana tries to come to terms with her loss. Usually I stick to crime / thriller novels and I can usually guess who the culprit is. This book however kept me guessing right to the end and the candidates who I thought were guilty turned out to be as innocent as the day is long. I loved the fact that the book kept me engaged. I want to read more and look forward to experiencing all that Diana Daniels has to offer. I have a sneaky suspicion trouble will come looking for her, wherever she goes.”

Amazon 5 Stars

“As a mystery reader, I love finding new cozy mystery authors. And this one is gold. The cover first caught my eye and by the end of page one, I was hooked. I love how the author writes and her descriptions put me right there on location. It was like a movie playing in my mind. Try as I might, I couldn’t work out who the murderer was and that’s saying something because I usually do! Evil on the High Seas was filled with twists and turn, eccentric characters reminiscent of Agatha Christie’s and a terrific page-turning plot. I adore the author’s amateur female sleuth, Diana Daniels, and I can’t wait to go on her next adventure. Love this book!”