Well, I can certainly say that this novel swept away any winter blues and took me to the far-off shores of Hawaii on a beautiful journey.I adored this book and loves the two stories of strong, fierce women although I have to admit my favourite was CiCi’s. The main characters are very likeable and it’s difficult to not be taken on their journey with them.

CiCi’s story focusses on a young woman’s journey to find herself and her place in the world. Feeling unable to return home to her parents and realising it’s time to move on from group she was travelling with, she finds her home on Harbor Island working for the Reginald family. Despite a feeling of uneasiness and a little mystery, it’s here that Cecilia makes friends and falls in love. But love isn’t always that simple and she’s left with an impossible choice. I love how this part of the story reflects the time in which it is set and the mindset you would likely find on a small, sheltered island.

Tina’s story is a little more different. After inheriting the island Tina has choices to make about her own life and how dedicated she is to making Harbor Island successful and ecological. During her research, she is confronted by some disturbing facts that put the island’s survival in danger. When Captain Jack Homes is thrown into the mix, Tina gets more than she bargained for from the island.

The island itself has a story to tell. A story of generations of Reginalds and their dark secrets from the past, stories of love, families, loss and grief and stories of the future.

Diane Demetre has a great talent for bringing beautiful settings to life. The description in the book is breath taking and fully immerses you into the setting from the clear waters, the beauty of Rainbow Falls, the local way of life and the scent of the flowers from the garden.

If you love family sagas spanning generations, stories of adventure and romance and books set in beautiful locations then I highly recommend this novel.