When I came across the blurb and saw that it was tagged as a romantic mystery, I was really interested in it. I was in the mood for something which would appeal to my mind. Frankly I was expecting a present-day scenario with a look into solving a past mystery. But what I got was a book with a tale of love with bits and pieces of mystery interspersed among the chapters.

When I started it, I actually didn’t like CiCi – a carefree and passionate woman, estranged from her family and on an adventure of seeking her life. None of what I have listed above made me dislike her. But her naivety had me questioning her worldliness and her character. But as the story progressed, I pitied and felt sorry for her. I could relate to her heart ache. And towards the end, I envied her for her long-lasting love. The way the author has used words to get the imagery right when describing the setting and the way she has pulled on the heart strings with her language makes for a well written book. I felt various emotions while reading, from disappointment to poignant joy. There is a keen sense of loss throughout the book in addition to the love. The final chapter had me smiling despite the pain in my heart. It was touching and had me in a melancholic hold. All the elements together gave me a few hours of good entertainment.

If I had a chance to read the author’s works in the future, I would definitely take it up because of her writing style. If you like poignant love stories with a mysterious feel, this book is for you!