Island of Secrets is a gorgeous love story of epic proportions that spans more than forty years. It is touched with mystery and this served well across the passage of time and the bringing together of characters and strands of the story.

The author has really created a beautiful idyll in Harbor Island. It was delightfully imagined and brought to life by the brush strokes of this author’s deft writing. I long to visit such a place now.

Island of Secrets is a story of love in its many guises. The love of families, the love of friends, first loves, last loves, forever loves. The one that drew me in the most was the love of Harbor Island, the ability to fall so completely in love with a place you would do anything to protect it and never want to leave.

This book touches on some interesting environmental issues and as the passage of time moved on so did the issues that arose.

I adored the fact that this novel had so many wonderful characters and strong women. I loved the feminism that shone through and when it came down to it, it was the women that got things done. I enjoyed reading about these characters very much. I think my favourite was CiCi Freemont. She was a real tonic, her lust for life and unwavering ability to follow her dreams was admirable. She was passionate, kind and caring.

Island of Secrets was a little of slice of island life that brought me as a reader more than I imagined and I thoroughly enjoyed being castaway between the pages of this one.