I was captivated from the start, intending for this to be my work lunch break book for this week, however, I got so into it that I kept reading at home and now I’ll need to pick another lunch break book because Retribution only lasted for one day.

The ballet dancing – loved all of this! Jessie’s dedication and drive to fulfil her ultimate goal was admirable. Despite being so single focused, she still came across as someone you would want to hang out with.

The hero – there wasn’t much to not love about BJ. He really was a dream personified, and such a gentleman! He was perfectly suited to Jessie and they complimented each other well.

The atmosphere – Diane’s prose is a delight, her settings were infused with atmosphere, be it in the city or the country. She brought Melbourne to life so well and the Yass countryside just sang from the pages.

Whiskey the dog – I can’t go past a great dog character and Whiskey was such a beautiful, obedient, loyal dog. Plus, I used to have a Border Collie so I have a particular soft spot for that breed. I kept picturing my old dog as Whiskey, so she was always going to be a winner for me.

For those who read a lot of romance and romantic suspense, this is a novel that will appeal to you immensely. There’s plenty of romantic tension and sizzling scenes of anticipation. The issues explored were done so with sensitivity and obvious research. The suspense aspect of the story was well drawn out with a few unexpected twists. There’s plenty going on in Retribution and you’ll find it to be one of those stories that you’re hard pressed to put down.