Diane Demetre

Motivational Leadership & Mindset Speaker

Luminary Leadership will Ignite your people.
Inspire your audience. Impact your organisation.


Mindset Mastery

Ignite the spark of luminary thinking in your leaders


Inspire the desire for energetic excellence in your teams


Power up the Impact phenomenon in your organisation

Master your M.E.S. and
Create a Culture of Success

Unlock transformative leadership potential and ignite change within your organization by bringing in Diane Demetre, one of the best motivational female speakers in the field. With Diane on your event stage, expect more than just an engaging keynote; anticipate a catalyst that challenges the status quo and empowers your people to think, feel, and act differently.

What sets a ‘Diane Demetre’ experience apart is her profound understanding of the real-world challenges that today’s leaders face: constant demands, decision fatigue, and the emotional toll of leadership.

Drawing on her award-winning expertise honed from 40+ years of hands-on leadership experience as a celebrated business leader, author, women’s advocate, and entrepreneur, Diane shares battle-tested strategies through relatable, real-world stories.

Beyond uplifting words, you’ll receive actionable insights on how to stop bemoaning your stress and Master your M.E.S —your Mindset, Energy, and Skills, equipping you to lead differently and succeed.

Get ready to unleash the Luminary Leader within, as countless organizations have already dared to shine under Diane’s guidance, transforming problems into possibilities and obstacles into opportunities.

With Diane Demetre, it’s not just about finding your light; it’s about amplifying it to leave a shining legacy. Raise your organization to the next level and create a brilliant future for you and your people.

Are you ready to Master your M.E.S? 

“From the moment she takes the stage, Diane commands the room with her magnetic presence. She is one of the most powerful, professional, and passionate speakers I have ever heard.”

“A knock-out”

Anne Nalder
Founder, Director and CEO Small Business Association of Australia

Discover the stars in your organisation... shining in plain sight

Light them up

Are you ready to defy the odds and dare to shine?

Light them up

Are you ready to defy the odds and dare to shine?

  • Leading through crisis has been hard enough, but for many, the toughest challenge lies ahead.
  • Time to reimagine the leadership model, light up your people and power up your business.
  • In her KEYNOTE presentation, Diane shows you how to ignite, impact, and inspire your people to become Luminary Leaders who light the way to success.
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Lean in and learn

Is there not a better way to develop your leaders?

Lean in and learn

Is there not a better way to develop your leaders?

  • Wherever leadership mastery is lacking, mediocrity takes over and teams fail.
  • In this leadership WORKSHOP program, reframe your perspective using the eight pillars of Luminary Leadership for mastery motivation.
  • Learn the systems and science behind how to master your mindset, energy, and skills.
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Shine brighter

Do you find yourself stuck in limiting behaviours, beliefs, and boundaries?

Shine brighter

Do your leaders find themselves stuck in limiting behaviours, beliefs, and boundaries?

  • You must master your inner world to transcend the world around you.
  • In her one-on-one COACHING sessions, Diane shines a light on the dysfunction leaders often experience.
  • She equips them with the tools to illuminate their powerful transformation and achieve rapid results.
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