Dare to
be more

Do more of what matters,
and have more of what counts.

I am Diane...

Master Mindset Mentor, Consciousness Coach, Motivational Speaker and Award-winning Author. One of the greatest insights I’ve discovered in my 40+ year career spanning entrepreneurship, personal and professional development, leadership training, performance coaching and energy psychology is that life is more. More than we can imagine.

It is only when we dare to be more, can we do more of what matters and have more of what counts. That’s when our dreams become reality. That’s when we live a life that matters.

Work with me

I’m committed to helping you stretch beyond your current limitations, expand your consciousness, and harness your potential so you can create the life of your dreams.

Whether it’s through 121 mentoring and coaching, my online courses or group programs or immersive retreats, when you work with me, you’ll get the best of me; and in the process, you’ll become the best of you.

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