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Luminary Leaders

The New Masters of Leadership

Discover the stars in your organisation. . . shining in plain sight

Light them Up

Leading through crisis has been hard enough, but for many, the toughest challenge lies ahead—how to re-imagine the leadership model to light up your people and super-charge productivity. Though many may want to return to the normal they knew before the crisis, that’s unrealistic. The world has changed, and as leaders, we must think, feel and act differently to stay ahead of the massive reset taking place. In her highly entertaining and enlightening keynote, Diane shows you how to ignite the hidden power in your people, harness the untapped potential in your organisation and amplify the energetic currency of success. 

Lean in and Learn

Dr. K. Ercisson says it takes ‘10,000 hours’ to develop expertise which is why leaders have varying levels of accomplishment and followership. Wherever leadership mastery is lacking, mediocrity takes over and teams fail. As a successful entrepreneur, leading and training thousands of her own staff and those of other organisations, Diane leads your people through the eight Pillars of Luminary Leadership to master their mindset, energy and skills. Her interactive program provides them with the mastery motivation toward individual and organisational transformation, ultimately contributing to prosperity for all. 

Light the Way

Many leaders find themselves stuck in a loop of repeated, disempowering behaviors, beliefs and boundaries. They want to change, they even try to change, but fail. That’s because there is a science behind how to master our mindset, energy and skills that most don’t know, but is systematically proven.  In her one-on-one sessions, certified Executive Coach and Mentor, Diane Demetre shines a light on the dysfunction leaders experience, equipping them with the processes and tools to illuminate their powerful transformation and achieve rapid results.


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