Leadership Futurist and Motivational Speaker

Multi-award-winning Entrepreneur and Business Leader
International Women’s Day Leadership Award Winner
Most Empowering Leadership & Mindset Speaker 2024


Championing Leaders of Tomorrow, Today

Beneath the surface of every leader and organization lies a formidable force of nature—a latent fearlessness ready to redefine the future and steer businesses toward unprecedented success. Yet, this boundless potential remains largely untapped, stifled by the comfort of the status quo, negative bias and the chains of conventional thinking. The question isn’t about the existence of this power, but why so few have the courage to unleash it.

Prepare to be unleashed as Diane Demetre takes the stage, delivering not just a presentation, but a groundbreaking experience that will have delegates on their feet, tapping into their potential like never before.

Diane dares leaders to think, feel and act differently, collapsing comfort zones and propelling them to transform from a mediocre manager to a luminary leader. Enriched with Diane’s distinctive insights and actionable strategies, this experience goes beyond mere motivation—it’s a pivotal moment for leaders to harness their inherent potential and claim their future leadership. 

Experience the Shift—Stand Bold, Strike a Pose, and Shine as a leader of the future.

Now is your New Tomorrow!

Are you ready to unleash your formidable force of fearlessness and forge a forward-facing future?

What you can expect


  • As one of Australia’s premier female motivational speakers in her field, Diane stands out with her raw, real, and relevant approach.
  • Sharing decades of business experience and an incredible story of her fight to the top, Diane takes her audiences on an inspiring journey, underpinned by science-based research that offers practical strategies to think, feel, act, and lead differently.
  • As a former stage performer, Diane excels in capturing attention and engaging her audiences warmly, challenging them to open their minds and reconsider their ways of thinking, feeling, and working.
  • A masterful storyteller, Diane skilfully blends humour with relatable, personal stories that resonate with her audiences.
  • Attendees leave not just inspired, but equipped to think, feel, and act differently, fostering a culture of performance and engagement with measurable improvements.


Become a Leader of Tomorrow, Today with Diane