What if…publishers do want my book?

As a hopeful author, I had no idea just how much time it would take to research the vast number of international publishers, short-list them and then submit my MS to each, either through direct email or online via their submission website. Weeks I spent trying to find the best publishing avenues which were not only a fit for my book but seemed to be a good fit with me.

In total, I sent my MS to a dozen publishers and waited. In a couple of cases, I received a kind, no thank you not for us response within eight weeks. In most cases, I never received an answer at all. Obviously not a good fit for me at all as I think anyone in business should have the decency to at least reply.
Most exciting was receiving offers from two different publishers within four weeks of submission. One was a US based publisher and the other a UK publisher. In deciding who to choose I listened to my intuition and used my business acumen. There were a number of contractual matters in the US contract that I wanted to negotiate and emailed them with my questions. No response for three weeks. Mmmm, alarm bells ringing on that one.
Conversely, the UK contract had absolute transparency and they replied to all emails within 48hours. Aaah, professionalism – gotta love that. Decision made… While I was attending the Hay House and Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Writing from your Soul Workshop in Maui in June on my birthday, I signed with Luminosity Publishing and they scheduled Dancing Queen for publication within three months. The synchronicity was not lost on me at all!
What decision have you made in your life using your intuition?


Insight…Synchronicity is when your destiny is undeniably presented to you. Grab it!

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