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Praise for Dancing Queen

Manic Readers - Alberta
Michele, a former pro dancer, has finally extricated herself from a very unsatisfying marriage, & is ready for a chance to kick up her heels, sexually & emotionally. Intent on a one night stand, she finds, instead, Mark, a most inventive & attentive lover, something she has never experienced before. As she falls in love with him, against her better judgement, she finds that he has way too many secrets that threaten to derail their fledgling relationship. By the time Nick inserts himself into her life, insisting he is just her type, despite her thoughts to the contrary, Mark has disappeared & bad people are after both him & Michele. Under Nick’s protection, Michele finally figures out what she wants from life, in a very good heroine’s journey. I’m not sure if I liked the conclusion of the story, & you can make up your own mind about that. However, in the meantime, there’s an abundance of very hot sex, & the love of a good man. 4.5 stars

AusRom Today
A refreshing genre-busting story of a divorced, older (I hasten to add by society’s standards not mine) heroine who is determined to embrace her singledom while simultaneously casting aside her self- and societally-imposed sexual repression through casual erotic encounters.

Diane Demetre offers a story that challenges our pre-conceived notions of what “women of a certain age” should or should not be doing and she does this in an empowering manner. The heroine embraces and cherishes her female friendships and though this aided in the flow of the plot, it also highlights the importance for women of having encouraging and supportive female companionship.

Most importantly, we see the heroine herself allow the experiences of her new-found freedom to shape her own future thus enabling her to escape the repressive nature of her pre-divorce life.

All in all, an erotic and exciting read sure to captivate and thrill readers of any age.

Amazon - Fast Pace!! Erotic!! Read it in 2 days!!!! What a book Woo Hoo!!!!!
Congratulations Diane Demetre, I thoroughly enjoyed your book , "Dancing Queen". A fast moving, erotic novel. Looking forward to the next. Full of surprises, no guessing right to the point!!! I couldn't put in down , read it in a weekend. Personally I still favour to hold a paper book in my hand. thanks again, looking forward to more of your wonderful words on paper. Good Work!!!! 5 stars

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Praise for Tiny Dancer

Goodreads - Julia - February 14, 2016
Tiny Dancer took me on a first class adventure to Paris and surrounds - all from the comfort of my favourite reading chair, no passport needed. The sights, smells, sounds of Sam's Paris, so wonderfully described, it is the cherry on top of this beautiful love story. Not to mention the back stage access to one of Paris' hottest venues - Moulin Rouge!
Conquering her demons to follow her dreams, Sam will become your new best friend. Through love and loss, cheering and cheating, Sam keeps her desires alive no matter the moral or physical challenges.
The city of love does not disappoint, nor does the 'man book candy'. Tiny Dancer is full of weird and wonderful characters you will love as much as I did.
I'm now so eager to read books 1 and 3, to fill in the gaps and go on another exotic ride! 5 stars

Goodreads - AusRomToday - November 17, 2016
Hot off the heels of having loved book one in Diane Demetre's Dance of Love series (our review can be found here), we had high hopes for this second novel and it certainly lived up to our hopes and expectations.
Tiny Dancer revolves around Samantha who has scored her dream job as a dancer at the Moulin Rouge but soon finds out that even the best laid plans don't always work out as we hope. Whilst in Paris, she is met by an ensemble of characters, all of whom are well developed and suitably nuanced to fit into the highly creative and tough lifestyle of the most famed cabaret dancers in the world. Additionally, Demetre paints vividly the atmosphere of Paris and the Moulin Rouge with such detail that it adds yet another layer of intimacy to the story.
A wonderful read that we highly recommend. 4 stars

Amazon - Life lessons learnt in an amazing story told
I bought this book and wow what a read! To Every young woman it's a must! Life lessons learnt in an amazing story told! Had other things to do but had to finish this amazing story! Bring on book 3! 5 stars

Amazon - Fabulous!!! TCosta
I was not disappointed with this sequel to Dancing Queen. Captivating from start to finish. Bring on book 3 please. 5 stars

Amazon - Showgirls, Suspense & Sex!!!! Peter Brady
After reading the first book, Dancing Queen, by this author, I wondered if Tiny Dancer would deliver. It did! A well-written erotic romance with its share of twists and suspense. Love the characters and the way the author describes Paris and behind the scenes of the Moulin Rouge. 5 stars

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Praise for Dance to a Gypsy Beat

Amazon - Ro London - November 23, 2016
Equally as attention-grabbing as the first book I read of Diane Demetre's, "Dancing Queen". Diane is obviously a very worldly lady with an acute sense of imagination and a gift for story-telling. A proficient writer, her words live on the page and the comparable descriptions are extremely clever. There are several areas of life she covers in these novelettes; exotic countries, erotic encounters, nature, luxury surroundings, the dark side of life, knowledge, guidance, advice, past and present family bonds, including intrigue and mystery regarding the tarot and other forms of guided meditation. I highly recommend her books, especially if you love to dance and love to love! I highly recommend her books 5 stars

Goodreads - Deborah Bispham
This is the third book I've read by Diane Demetre and I was absolutely delighted! What a great read. It has everything: a great story line mixed with sensual exploration; mystery; spirituality and wonderfully complex main characters. Couldn't put it down. Loved Aiden - just gorgeous and every woman's dream. Looking forward to the next book. 5 stars

Goodreads - Robyn Powers
I found this to be an amazing read and I adore the author's writing style. I was captivated by the setting, the characters, the Romani culture and the story line twists and turns. A fast flowing novel with just the right amount of eroticism thrown in. I fell in love with one of the lead characters (Aiden Bishop) very quickly and the relationship between Rafael & Carla had me wondering what would eventuate next. Well done Diane Demetre. I believe this is your best book to date. 5 stars

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