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For me, the term divine feminine encapsulates the energy of love, joy, intuition and creativity inherent in each of us. Being able to express my divine feminine through storytelling, dancing and writing connects me to the centre of my being. Like a goddess, her peace and poise resonates with the promise of the soft, sensuous touch of unconditional love.
Making cameo appearances in my love stories; perhaps in the guise of a lucky win at the races, an accidental meeting with a magnificent stranger, a crazy French tarot card reader or a band of dancing gypsies, the divine feminine always gives a helping hand to my heroines. So whether they are looking for Mr Right or the Right Path, she is there guiding them to their happy-ever-afters.
If you’re interested in finding out more about connecting to your divine feminine, the intuitive centre of your being, you can do so through meditation. Thirty years ago, I began a daily practice of meditation which enhanced this connection for me. Many of my students have since asked me to record my meditations. Here I offer a quick guide to the Four States to Meditation and on the second video I conduct a twenty minute meditation to move you through these states into the centre of your being.